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It's not the final product. I also need to find best wood for parts and better quality of producing it.

Pricing Expectations

I plan to produce different sets

  • Small


    10 figures

  • Basic


    15 figures

  • Advanced


    15 figures

    wheels for autos

“The things now looking ugly, but with more practice and mass production on good equipment they can be very enjoable.”

Donald Trump

Ex Presidend of U.S.A.

Something about what the troubles with job I have.

I'll start with work. As will be seen later, this is the most important.

I finished my school in 2000 year and entered a University on the first year course. As a lot of other my classmates did at that time. My family was poor, but my father has a lot friends and he ask his kind of friends to give me a job kind of security job in the office at night on the week and 24 ours on the weekend. From the poit of veiw of my father the job liiked exelent. You don't need to do something – just be there.

The reality for me another. The office was a first floor in the old building with typical system a corridor and rooms on the left and right side. All of them were closed exept two rooms were was office the friends of the father and in two other rooms was under construction. The office of boss has computer, but there were nothing to do on it. It was old. And remember it was 2000 year. I haven't a martphone at that moment.

The place was very dull, boring for me istead that other co-workers who worked in another time didn't find it dull. The strange thing for me was that one week later the Boss started come everyday over 23 00 to his office with his friends and started to talk. They usually sent me in another room were was reconstruction at that time. Their behaviour caused in my head a question what I am doing there?

After one month I decided to quit this job. About the money they told me that they will talk with my father, and because the relaitions with my father was strange I didn't get any money. His friends that gave me job, I guess weren't good people.

And the situation about now.

Ok. Now I am 38 years old. So the 21 years passed. Just two month ago I asked the manager of the hotel where I am living about any job. Three times he gave me the clearnig job, but then told that now they are full with the stuff and he can't give a job. But one week later I saw a man from affrica, who don't speak English, how hi did clearnig job.

Recently the two russians that did feria just for one day though to innvite me to help them, but they invited another woman. I faced that by case, that's why I know this and they also failed to explain me why they didn't invited me to help them. So it's also pastor and his son. So 4 of them And I guess even if you talk with them and ask them you will get the same answer from everyone.

So it looks like noone want to give me any job. Here i should say moments. The situation beetween what happened now and 21 years ago, generally not changed. Thanks to who read after that part. The situation become better, but I still need some help.

Because of the events that now happen, they stoped all transactions. You need to contact me in social networks

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