The number one

Concentrated-solar technology system use mirror with tracking system to focus a large area of sunlight onto a small area.

example number two

Passive (thermosiphon) solar water heaters on a rooftop

example number three

Good but it is difficult to construct and maintain on grownd

Example number four

The best solution but to small gathering surface

example number five

The cheapest and the best

example number six

Some examples in summary


The most closest project to my, but not the Best

Good day. My short opinion.(Can discuss more on skype)

If you've read article in wiki or other sources doesn't matter . I think that there is two main problem with existing solar heater the price and the design.

All existing manufacturers gravitate to make it more expensive. Why...It’s better to ask them about the reasons.

About design, they are all trying to improve their existing solution. And make it universal for all consumers

My decision to use the cheapest materials and an individual approach to each consumer.

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